Marijuana Growing TroubleShooting

Marijuana Growing Trouble Shooting

Marijuana Growing TroubleShooting

Marijuana is a very popular drug and its cultivation is also quite popular. It is cultivated in a large number of countries with certain legal safeguards while in many other countries people also grow marijuana at their home, often illegally. One must realize that growing marijuana in contravention of local rules can attract serious penalties and one must clearly refrain from engaging in marijuana farming if the same is a considered a crime.

There are mainly two ways of growing marijuana- outdoors and indoors. As marijuana is a banned drug, cultivation of marijuana involves risk. So, many people prefer to grow marijuana indoors. It gives the person a sense of security as it is difficult for authorities to find out about marijuana cultivation if it is grown inside. It also gives the cultivator greater control over the environment.

In order to grow potent marijuana use high quality marijuana seeds . Marijuana seeds are mainly of three types- Indica, Sativa and Ruderalis. Sativa is quite popular because it gives a better high than the other two. Marijuana seeds are also divided into male and female marijuana seeds. Female marijuana seeds are very potent. If you want to grow good quality marijuana use high quality marijuana seeds of the  female type.

To grow marijuana first germinate the seeds. Soak the seeds in a cup of warm water and keep the cup in a dark room for 24 hours. The warm and moist environment provided by you will help to germinate the seeds fast. The next step is to plant the sprouts. Use well drained soil which is rich in nutrients and also have a neutral pH balance. Loamy soil is considered best of marijuana growth.

If you are growing indoors then you have to provide for the lights. Use fluorescent lights as they are the best. Fix the lights about 2 inches above the marijuana plants. Some people also use reflectors to maximize the utilization of lights.

If you are cultivating marijuana for the first time, then you are bound to face many problems. Some common problems are disease and pests. So, you need a marijuana growing trouble shooting guide. Some common pests are mites,gnats, whiteflies,bud-worms and caterpillars. So first make sure that the seeds that you are planting are healthy. Examine your plants regularly with a magnifying glass . Grow the plants in a clean environment. Use pesticides to keep the bugs away.

Marijuana plants are also inflicted with a number of bacterial and viral diseases. Blight is a common problem. The best way to prevent diseases is  constant monitoring of the plants. You should not grow plants where humidity is high. Also it is important to sterilize the growing medium and marijuana growing equipments that are used.

Another common problem is the poor growth of the plants. Water your plants regularly but refrain from overdoing it. One important marijuana growing trouble shooting tip to solve the problem of poor growth is to use fertilizers. Fertilizers contain all the essential nutrients required to grow marijuana plants. Fertilizers are mainly available as mixture of N,P and K. However it will be better if you can use organic fertilizers like peat moss. However do not over use fertilizers as it will also create trouble. Over fertilization leads to yellow or burnt leaves. To rectify this , the has to be cleaned. Wash per gallon of soil with three gallons of water.

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