How to Pass a Drug Test

Many employers test employees – both new and old – for drugs to help keep the workplace drug free. The best way to pass a drug test is to avoid taking the drugs for four to six weeks prior to the test. This will give the body time to flush out most of the drugs in the system. In case this is not possible, you can try the following tricks.

The most commonly tested for drug is cannabis or marijuana. To test for this drug, the testers ask for a urine sample or a hair sample. To pass the urine sample test you can try to drink lots of water before the test. This will dilute the sample and ensure that only low levels of the THC are found. You can also take diuretics such as cranberry juice to dilute your urine sample.

Passing the hair test is trickier. This is because hair stores toxins for longer. This is especially the case with dark haired people as the toxins are stored by the melanin present in the hair and not the keratin.

One way to avoid a hair sample test is to shave your head clean of any hair. This is because the sample of hair required for the test needs to be about an inch long. If you are shaving your head hair, remember to shave your face, armpits, pubic hair, and chest hair as well. This is because testers will try for samples from these areas as well.

Yet another way of clearing a drug test is to exercise to lose fat. This is because the toxins are stored in the fat cells and will be released to your blood stream gradually. By having a lower level of fat in your body, you prevent the storage of these toxins. So, they cannot be released into your blood stream either.

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