Clonazepam drug test

Abusing prescription medication that is narcotics is nothing new. These medications when prescribed by a doctor are used to treat various things such as pain, seizures, and anxiety and panic attacks. One of the most widely abused prescription narcotics is Clonazepam which goes by the brand name Klonopin. Klonopin usually has a street value of around 1 United States dollar per milligram of medication.

Abuse of Narcotic Medications
As narcotic medications have become more widely abused companies have responded with ways to detect abuse of these drugs much to the pleasure of law enforcement, court systems and parents. There are many Conazepam drug tests available on the market today using many different methods and even take at home tests available for parents to test their children if they suspect drug use.

Methods of testing
As with all types of drugs many methods are available when testing for abuse of Clonazepam. There are urine tests, swab tests and blood test however the most widely used and accurate is the drug test using hair. These tests look for drugs in the system over a period of months, rather than days which the other methods test for and are rather difficult to circumvent the testing method to pass it if you are infect abusing drugs. This is why courts and employers are now widely choosing this method of
testing over others.

How to pass the test
As with any other drug test the best method of passing the drug test is not to do the drugs. However if you do have the drugs in your system there is some possibilities. If you have an upcoming drug test you should quit doing the drugs as soon as possible (hopefully immediately) to aid in cleaning the drugs out of your system. When doing a urine test Clonazepam stays in your urine anywhere from twenty four to one hundred hours. If you want to pass the drug test it’s important to start flushing out your system immediately of drugs. If you are doing a hair test as I previously mentioned the drugs will show in your hair follicles for months at a time. However there are shampoos available online that do a very good job at removing these drugs from your hair. It can work in as soon as 10 minutes and continues to work for 8 hours according to claims.

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