With corrupt federal laws, is it harmless truck drivers who take the blow on drugs for us?

Under federal laws, there are no limitations which talk about the right of private, standalone employers to adopt drug and alcohol testing policies for the workers. However, the freedom is not transferred to government employers, as there are a variety of court decisions which hold that testing employees without justification violates government rights to be safe from unreasonable searches. A company is said to do it only after thinking it through with precise consideration of lots of factors- and combating the problem with consternation amongst the workers. Drug testing may be mandated for some employees, as is the case with workers in the US Department of Transport with the DOT tests. Policies often begin to emphasize in highly positive terms that the vital need for safety in the workplace and paramount adherence to job requirements and work quality, and then further on cite goals like improving safety and productivity.

In regards to marijuana, how long does marijuana stay in your system is one of the most repetitively asked questions in the internet. Unfortunately, with precision, nobody can tell you exactly how long THC does stay in your body for. The chemical half life of THC concentration ranges between about 1 to 10 days.
Responsible people who are in direct conjunction to other peoples lives should 100% be held accountable to a respectable high standard, committing everything to completing a fantastic performance each working day. Urine testing however, will it help employers to guarantee that? If employers within dying industries are concerned with the safety of the public, or the well being of their own investment, then they should without a doubt deject the urine testing which is deemed imperfect and test job performance.

Actually, there are no clear estimates about the economic costs to industry resulting from drug use by workers, we know that the actual drug industry is growing. Proponents of drug testing claim the costs are high, but they have been hard pressed to translate that claim into real figures. It seems foolish to think that while one seedy industry is growing, the other is failing. Therefore, the companies will want time back, and they will do this by conducting drugs tests. Meaning then, if you’re a drug user- you need to watch out.
Every year, truck drivers are dismissed from work for drug using, found out by the DOT tests. Do not be one of them.

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