A Brief Bio about Hemp: The Modern Look

Marijuana research shows that it is actually more than just what we used to know it as – just a drug. Actually the increase in marijuana seed bank will result in getting rid of the increasing hunger problem that the world is currently facing, by having more and more cultivation. It is a global crisis much like the global warming or the recession.

However, as the above picture looks cozy and rosy, keep this in mind that, hemp is an illegal drug. However, as evolution never stops, so it hasn’t stopped in the marijuana sector as well. Horticulturists are now able to grow marijuana without an iota of drug symptoms in it. This kind of marijuana is THC-free. You can say it is much like a diet sugar – where the sweetness is there, but free of fats.

The world today is gripped by every possible problem that we can think of. There is pollution, malnutrition, hunger, global warming and much more. As now there is a solution to manufacture more of electric cars to fight pollution, if not today, tomorrow, the problem of more energy is going to surface. This is where hemp will come to the rescue.

Marijuana research shows that hemp can be used as a biomass fuel. Now you might know it that, biomass can be altered in almost every sort of energy. The methanol is no exception as well. Methanol helps in driving autos. Methanol happens to be a safe fuel – much safer in terms of gas emissions.

The malnutrition of kids is a major concern the world over. At least one child dies in around 2.5 seconds. The weight of the female hemp plant is evenly divided in the plant and the seed. Therefore, the increase in the marijuana seed bank is vital keeping in view the malnourished children.

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