Preliminary marijuana forensic testing: points to consider

If you are going for the detection of marijuana drug, you should know some points and facts regarding marijuana forensic testing. The detection time of marijuana drug in urine is greater than in blood.  You can not determine the accurate information that whether an individual is under the influence of marijuana drugs or not in the urine drug test. On the other hand blood testing provides the accurate information regarding the effects of the marijuana drug. In marijuana forensic testing officers follow the specific complex procedures to check the availability of drug.  There are three reliable aspects of marijuana forensic testing- proper testing, strict testing, and random notification. Consumer wants to get the accurate information about the drug testing. One has to learn about all the basics of marijuana forensic testing.

There are two types of testing approach-cut off and limit of detection. Cut off test reports the positive result if drug is identified. However, this report shows that the quantity of drug in the human body is below the limit so it means it is not detected. On the other hand limit of detection testing procedure reports any detectable amount which is present in the human body.  Limit of detection test provides information about the cut off of the limit. The most reliable negative test is zero tolerance tests.  To provide most reliable information in negative test procedure ZERO TOLERANCE test must be done.  This one is the most expensive, however will give the reliable information to the officers. These are some specific terminology and information which is important to know about marijuana forensic testing.  The basic modus operandi of this marijuana forensic testing is to check the accurate quantity of the drugs in the human body. So these two approaches of testing procedures are applicable in every case of drug testing.

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