Record 268 pounds of Marijuana seized in Ohio

According to the Butler County Sheriff’s office freestanding home bar unit was shipped from Mexico to Texas with 268 pounds of marijuana in it.  From Texas it was shipped to Ohio where two men received it and were caught by local police.  It took a joint operation of DEA, Immigration, Customs Enforcement’s Homeland Security, and Regional Narcotics Taskforce to find the marijuana inside the hidden bar unit.

Lt. Mike Craft said the crate with the home bar unit was shipped through a national company to a warehouse in Fairfield Twp.  This bust is said to be the largest seizure of marijuana in Butler County history, according to his police department.

The two men, Jaramillo and Rico, were arrested when they arrived at the warehouse to pick up the container that had the bar unit.  The task force tracked the shipment from Mexico to Butler County.

“It was really sophisticated operation,” Craft said.  He also noted that dealers are becoming more creative in concealing marijuana because of the strict laws.  The value of the marijuana in Mexico is only $250 per pound, where in the U.S. the same pound can be sold for $1,200.  That’s why the drug cartels want to push the product so much.

You take away the strict laws, regulate and control the marijuana then you will not have this problem.  No one will want to go through the trouble when they can just open up their own business and grow themselves.

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