If you think your kids are doing drugs get yourself an at home drugs test to confirm it

Its is better to be assured that they are not, then to worry that they are! When parents suspect there children are using illegal drugs they often have their kids take an inexpensive at home drug test. These tests are often available at large retail chains and pharmacies. Schools often make these tests available to parents as well at a small fee.

Forcing Children To Take Drug Tests
It is important to note that your children are not legally required to comply with the drug test. However as parents you are allowed to punish your children for being disobedient. So if your children refuse the at home drug test you can ground them or suspend extra privileges that you have previously gave them. Only doctors and court orders are able to force individuals to take drug tests against their will.

Froms of Testing
Usually these tests are what are known as urine sample drug tests. The individual taking the drug test is asked to urinate in a sample container and then either equipment that comes with the test checks the drugs for chemicals found in drug user’s urine or you mail the sample container to a laboratory for testing. Usually the laboratory method is preferable as lab equipment is much more sensitive to drug compounds in urine then the home tests and the rate of user error is much lower.

How Fool Proof Are They
These tests are also very easy to fake as the collection is not done in controlled conditions, and the urine sample can be compromised during delivery to a laboratory. The at home style testing is often much easier to trick using system flushing medication or other methods but if you have a feeling your children may be doing drugs this is a very economical method to find out if they are doing drugs. If they are compliant with getting tested and pass the drug test then they are likely not doing drugs and that’s a think that any parent would be happy to know!

Rest Assured
As anyone knows taking drugs can be a serious thing. If as a responsible parent you have reason to believe your children are doing drugs then you should get them tested. Remember the earlier you catch them the easier it is to break the addiction to the drugs so don’t hesitate if you think they are taking drugs. Your children will surely thank you later in life for being a responsible and great parent.

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