Should You Quit Marijuana: The Truth

The marijuana use is prevalent for thousands of years and it will remain for days to come. The first and foremost answer to the question, for you should quit marijuana or not, is that you have no reason to quit it. Actually the situation is such you should provide reasons for the use of it.

Yes, there are hundreds and thousands of uses of this hemp plant and it is not called a wonder plant for nothing. However, one should be careful about the growing marijuana addiction. In the sense that, the over use of it can result in serious addictions.

Hemp plants are, in reality, a boon to humanity. You name it and you will find the contribution of marijuana in your life. Clothes, medicine, hunger all the problems can be solved with the marijuana use.

Some people think that marijuana when used as a drug can get you to marijuana addiction. This, in itself, is a fragile assumption with no base. In fact, the studies reveal that marijuana intake does not result in any sort of addiction.

In the point of facts, there are a lot of misconceptions about marijuana and that is the real reason why it is preventing us from using this wonderful godsend. Marijuana has a positive effect on our Autonomic Nervous System. This helps us in relaxing better. In this hectic life, we need relaxation and plain relaxation will not help.

So, it is necessary to go for marijuana at reasonable intervals to keep you fresh for your next day. Marijuana is a helpful tool in ‘millennia’ – knowing your own self. You can get to know who you really are – in the religious way.

Marijuana makes you feel accomplished. This is a great feeling and can be experienced psychologically. When there don’t seem to be any negative effects, why quit it?

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