Conflict in The Golden State over Marijuana

What’s the conflict you ask?  Simple enough it’s Marijuana.  In the land of hippies, Cheech and Chong, the state is having a conflict about marijuana.  A state known for the first to legalize medical marijuana is now having a close conflict over the full legalization of pot.

The new polls show the public is deeply divided.  You have pot growers opposing it, some law enforcement is in favor of it, and some medical marijuana patients are on the fences.  Of course you have the federal law hanging over everyone’s head in the distance.  The Supreme Court has ruled that no matter how California votes on proposition 19 it is still illegal federally.

The pot industry says legalizing the drug of marijuana will create jobs while undercutting violent criminals who profit off the illegal trade of the drug.  Joseph McNamara, who served as San Jose’s police chief for about 15 years, said, “I think it’s a golden opportunity for California voters to strike a real blow against the (Mexican) drug cartels and drug gangs.”  “It would be a greater blow than we ever struck during my 35 years in law enforcement.”

Californians now have the opportunity to stop wasting taxpayers money and start allowing police to focus on real issues, such as rapists, murders, and other server crimes.  They have an opportunity to take the criminal element of a non-violent drug off their streets.  Not to mention it would create jobs, boost the economy, and help California flourish.  All I can say is if I lived in California I would be at the polls on Nov. 2 voting yes for proposition 19.

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