Prohibition is a Failure

Criminal marijuana prohibition is a failure by all means.  Nationwide U.S. law enforcement have arrested more than 20 million American citizens for marijuana offenses since 1965.  That’s way before I was born let me tell you.  Yet today marijuana is more prevalent than ever, people are not only using for recreational use, but many are using it for health benefits.  Adolescents have easier access to the drug, the drug is on average more potent than ever, and there is more violence associated with marijuana being illegal.  Gangs and other cartels know that marijuana can make them millions if not billions on the black market.  It’s time to take our country back and legalize.

Over 100 million American citizens throughout the U.S. have used marijuana despite prohibition, and one in ten use it regularly according to a government survey of data.  The criminal element associated with marijuana has not dissuaded anyone from using the drug or to reduce the availability of the drug.

However, the strict enforcement behind marijuana has adversely impacted the lies and careers of millions of people who simply elected to use a substance to relax them that is safer than alcohol.  Its time for the people to speak, “Stay Free; Legalize Weed!”

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