Marijuana Mail

A Billings woman, who is 50 years old, accused of being the intended recipient of seven pounds of marijuana mailed through Federal Express was charged in District Court.

Mildred Ann Strike appeared in court for her arraignment in District Court and pleaded not guilty to a felony charge of criminal possession with intent to distribute.  The bond was posted $5,000.  Records from a Federal Express employee called Billings police on Nov. 21 about a suspicious package.  When police obtained the search warrant they found seven pounds of marijuana inside the package.

Authorities then delivered the package to her at her Hardrock Lane residence and arrested her on the spot.  They then found additional marijuana, drug paraphernalia, and more than $800 in cash inside her home.

The lady is 50-years-old and will be tried as a criminal, which is crazy.  She has no life left unless she gets off small.  We need to stop putting people away for non-violent situations.

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