Medical Marijuana Sodas

Ever heard of the Pepsi challenge?  Well why not try the medical marijuana soda challenge.  You can basically find THC infused in nearly any food source imaginable.  Marijuana brownies are old news compared to the new things are being invented with marijuana.  You now have things like marijuana cheesecakes, ice cream, teas, and even hummus.  Well now you can add soda to the list.

Mary Jane’s Relaxing Soda is a brand that was launched in Denver.  They don’t actually contain marijuana, just like Coke use to say, “It’s the real thing.”  You can find plenty of recipes online for homemade marijuana drinks featuring colorful names like “Green Dragon Soda.”  Several based companies in Colorado are also no mass-producing marijuana soda lines.  That’s why a test taste is in need just like the Pepsi challenge, how about the Green Machine challenge.

Keef Cola and Dixie Elixirs are two sodas that you may just want to try a taste test with.  Keef Cola offers flavors such as regular, orange, grape, blue-raspberry, lemonade, lemon-lime, and root beer.  Dixie Elixirs offers flavors such as lemonade, sweet tea, pink lemonade, strawberry, orange, grape, and root beer.  So the next time you’re at your local dispensaries take one of each and see who likes which one the most.

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