Israelis and Jews and Marijuana

The consumption of marijuana for medical purposes was legalized in California in 1996. “Medical” marijuana is allowed in 13 states and the District of Columbia. Ed Rosenthal, a renowned expert on hemp, a columnist for the American magazine High Times, dedicated to this plant, began his campaign for the legalization of soft drugs in 1972.

Following the adoption of the California 215-th amendment authorizing the use of marijuana for medical purposes, he started growing cannabis legally.
In February 2002, Rosenthal was arrested for “illegal drug cultivation of cannabis and was sentenced to three days in prison, three years of police supervision and fined $ 1000.

Rosenthal and today does not hide his sympathy for the marijuana and openly admits that it regularly smokes. After the prosecution Rosenthal threw to grow hemp and took up social work. Currently he is writing a book on cannabis, is engaged in the legal aspects of trafficking in marijuana in the U.S. and is the executive director of the fund in support of hemp “Green care”.
“Jews have a special craving for marijuana – says Rosenthal. – It’s smart drug, as opposed to those that deprive you of control over themselves and intoxicating like alcohol.
The Israelis have made a huge contribution to the study of the properties of marijuana. ”

In 1964, Rafael Meshulam (currently a professor of pharmacology at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem), first discovered the hallucinogenic properties of cannabis.
Later studies on the effects of marijuana on the human brain have been made in many of Israel’s scientific laboratories.

The idea of legalizing marijuana relished the many followers of Reform Judaism. “Many friends of my parents in Florida use marijuana – says one of the parishioners of the Reform synagogue in Oakland, California. – The husband of my aunt put the terrible diagnosis – cancer of the liver. I advised her to use marijuana to relieve stress, and uncle – as a means of reducing after chemotherapy. My aunt away for 80, and the use of herbs significantly increased its vitality. ”

Prominent businessman, a Jewish social activist and philanthropist Edgar Bronfman is also convinced of the need to legalize marijuana: “The ban on the product about which the dream of many, does not work – says philanthropist. – Tax on the production and sale of marijuana goes to providing social needs, for prisons.
According to recent reports, the cost of annual marijuana crop in California is estimated at 14 billion dollars. ”

“Will benefit from this whether the Jews? – Asks a veteran of the movement for legalizing marijuana Ethan Nadelman.

- Legalization of marijuana will restore social justice, which is good for the Jews. Jews have always fought for social justice and reform in drug policy will be one of the most important social achievements of our time. ”


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