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There are a lot of theories of why Californians rejected Prop 19 this week to legalize marijuana.  One reason is that proponents of Prop 19 didn’t spend enough money to support the measure.  Meg Whitman saturated every channel with $100 million in ads for her gubernatorial run while Prop 19 spent about $4 million to run its’ campaign and couldn’t compete.  Another problem was the turnout problem where exit polls show that young people generally support the proposition, but the rest of the country didn’t even bother to show up and help.

It could be possible they were all just lighting up in San Francisco celebrating the World Series, which in my mind is no excuse.  Finally we come to the politics of the whole matter, the bureaucracy, theory where Prop 19 was a terribly flawed initiative, allowing every city and county in the state to set up its own local entity for taxing and regulating marijuana.  People are more anti-government now than ever before, but is that really a reason not to stand up for what you believe in?  Shouldn’t we have legalized marijuana because we’re so anti-government, that’s what makes sense to me?

Even after all these theories are said and contemplated it still looks like lots of Americans, including Californians want marijuana legalized.  2012 will be a better year to push the fight because more citizens are aware now of what is going on.  Once people know the truth and the facts they start to believe in themselves.  Once people believe in themselves than things always happen for the better and legalizing marijuana is for the better of this country.

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