Arizona to update zoning after Prop 203

The Arizona League of Cities and Towns is warning municipalities to update their zoning codes for the legalization of medical marijuana.  Proposition 203 is coming Nov. 2nd and if passed people will need better zoning laws then the ones that are in place now.

If Prop 203 passes the zoning will have to be updated.  Benson City Manager, Glenn Nichols, said they are taking the warning seriously and that city officials have started to really talk about zoning codes if Prop 203 passes.

A yes vote on 203 would allow the use of marijuana for people debilitating medical conditions who obtain a written certification from a physician.  Also Arizona would only have 124 dispensaries in total.  That’s a lot more than New Jersey who has the strictest medical marijuana laws of all 14 states.  The dispensaries will also have to be 500 feet away from school zones.

For some reason if voters reject the bill the zoning would remain the way it is now.  I highly doubt the bill won’t pass.  More people these days are coming out in the open that they smoke or have a family member who smokes so the bill will pass.  Who knows if California legalizes Prop 19 then marijuana legalization might come to Arizona.

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