Effects of Marijuana Use

Effects of Marijuana Use

Effects of Marijuana Use

Regular consumption of marijuana, for an extensive period may lead to certain side effects. Given the fact that marijuana is a very trendy drug, the list of marijuana facts and marijuana myths is endless. There are certain very popular myths regarding marijuana. Some of these are that it is highly addictive; it can cause permanent damage to the brain and the like. Scientific studies have however failed to prove any of these conclusively. So, these remain myths. However one marijuana fact that can not be denied is that like other illicit substances like cocaine and heroine there are certain effects of marijuana which harm the body.

Marijuana is said to affect one’s attention, concentration skills and people take longer time to take decisions. Cannabis or marijuana is said to impact one’s driving skills. Several studies had been undertaken to study the relation between cannabis and driving. ¬†One such important study was undertaken by the United Kingdom’s Transit Research Laboratory or TRL. In its study relating to cannabis and driving, TRL found that cannabis reduced the driver’s level of concentration and vigilance. He also takes longer time to take decisions. Some other studies have also found the same. Reckless driving thus is one of the ill effects of marijuana.
Effects of marijuana use also include effects on the unborn child if the mother is a marijuana user. Such children are found to be underweight and most of them are born prematurely. Marijuana is also found to impact one’s fertility.
Another likely effect of marijuana use is cancer. Particularly lung cancer. The amount of cancer causing compounds carcinogens is present in greater quantity than in tobacco. It is well known that tobacco causes lung cancer; hence there is a chance that marijuana use also promotes cancer growth. In a recent research conducted by researchers from the South Carolina University and presented to the European Journal on Immunology .it was found that cannabinoids present in marijuana boost the growth of MDSC od myeloid derived suppressor cells which negatively affect the immune system.
Another important effect of marijuana use is that if used for a long period of time, people may become psychologically dependent on it. In the long run it will affect one’s personal life as well as work relations. Moreover marijuana use can also increase heart beat by 50 % .This creates problems in people who have heart problems.
Thus the ill effects of marijuana use are many. But at the same it has been found that marijuana has many medical properties. The THC present in marijuana has antioxidant properties. Cannabigerol lowers blood pressure. Marijuana is used in proving relief to patients suffering from conditions such as glaucoma, arthritis, vomiting and nausea, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis. Marijuana is also used to relieve the pain of cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy .Keeping these benefits in mind, the medical use of marijuana has been legalized in a number of countries like Canada, Germany and in 16 states of the United States.
Thus what is required is further research on the subject of effects of marijuana use. Some leading institutions are already engaged on this subject while the area is also under investigation from some leading university departments across Europe. However till conclusive results are made available, it is always advisable for people to steer clear of consumption of marijuana, more so if the same is being done for recreational purposes.

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