A Short Introduction of Hemp: Important Facts You Should Know

Marijuana is, unfortunately so very greatly underestimated that, one would feel sorry for it when the truth is exposed. You should be invariably aware of the marijuana facts so that you do not remain in the dark about the phenomenal gift we have got.

The history of the marijuana seeds can be traced back to the Stone Age. There are proofs of the hemp plant which are around 10,000 years old. Till around 700 years ago, the clothing of hemp was the most widely used and a familiar fabric. What’s more, hemp clothes were even used like war clothes.

More of hemp clothing was used during the reign of Napoleon Bonaparte. When the French Revolution took place, the utilization of hempc clothes was the primary source of the military uniforms.

As far as nutritious food is concerned, marijuana seeds fall only behind soybeans. It has enough of fatty acids, which is a rich source of Vitamin B. Hemp is used for producing quality paper that would last for scores of years. Moreover the density of hemp is much more than that of wood. So, more paper can be produced even with lesser amount of hemp.

If cotton and hemp fibers were to be compared, it can be observed that the hemp fibers are way ahead in almost every department like the thickness, strength and the insulative capacity. For this reason, cotton clothing is nowhere near the hemp clothing.

The most important factor for you to know is that, the European hemp was almost never used as a drug. The reason is that, it had lesser of narcotic contents. This is a fact to prove that, marijuana should not be seen as an illegal drug.

In fact there are more of marijuana facts, as it is no less than a boon to mankind which has been selfishly underutilized.

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