Ziggy Marley – A Fire Burns for Freedom

In about two weeks the California voters will get the chance to vote for legalization of marijuana through Prop 19.  Ziggy Marley is contributing and supporting the effort by releasing a song “A Fire Burns for Freedom” that will be offered to supports as a free download for listeners.

The Wild and Free Singles, available at www.ziggymarley.com, are a collection of free downloads, which not only describes the free download of the song, but also what Ziggy believes should be the natural state of marijuana and its relations to the hemp plant.  As we know the hemp plant has many uses just on industrial and medicinal purposes alone.

“We need to enlighten people about the multiple uses the plant has beyond its recreational, spiritual, and medicinal uses.  This plant in both its forms, hemp and marijuana, is a gift from nature to us.  It has medicinal value, environmental value, nutritional value, as well as energy value.  The seeds of the plant could cheaply provide nutrition for malnourished children all over the world.  We should free the plant in all aspects of its uses,” said Ziggy.

I couldn’t have said it better.  Every person who believes in one of those values that Ziggy mentions needs to be at the voting booth this November so legalization of marijuana in all its forms can become true.  It is a long overdue battle that needs to finally close its chapter with a victory.

Ziggy on Hemp

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