Kahn fined over comments of Beasley smoking Marijuana

David Kahn, the boss of the Timberwolves, was being interviewed by a radio show and made a comment about new teammate Michael Beasley that he smoked too much marijuana while playing in south beach.  Kahn made his first public comments since he and the team were fined $100,000 by the NBA.

Michael Beasley appeared at Friday’s annual media day since Minnesota acquired him in a July trade from Miami.  He said, “Yes, I did talk to him about it.”  “I felt like he shouldn’t have gotten fined $50,000.  He meant the right thing; he just didn’t word it right.  Everybody knows what I did in my past and everybody knows that I sincerely…. I don’t want to say sorry because I didn’t do anything wrong to you, but I’m humbled.  I’ve learned from what I did.”   He was talking about his situation and Kahn when he made these comments.  Beasley went on to say, “I don’t feel like he revealed anything that hadn’t already a been revealed.  He said what half the world already knows.”

Kahn’s response was “I talked to Michael, and I think he knew exactly where I was coming from and I’ll leave it at that.”  It is obvious that Kahn didn’t mean the conflict that was caused, but both players are friends and teammates.  The media was just spinning the issue out of control.

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