Five-year prison sentenced handed out to Marc Emery in US

Most of you know him as the Prince of Pot, but his real name is Marc Emery.  He is a well-known Canadian marijuana activist and he is the founder of Cannabis Culture Magazine.  On September 10, 2010 a federal judge sentenced him to five years behind bars in a US prison for selling marijuana seeds.

He has been targeted by the DEA for his activism and efforts to support groups that want the legalization of pot.  His fate was sealed when in a Seattle courtroom he made a plea deal with US prosecutors for selling marijuana seeds.  The overall sentencing was short; Marc himself made a final statement to the court shortly after remarks were made by government prosecutor Todd Greenberg and Marc’s attorney Richard Troberman.

The judge on the case, Judge Ricardo S. Martinez, implied his hands were tied due to the conditions of the plea agreement, but overall he seemed very sympathetic in handing out the sentence.  He noted during the proceedings that delivering a shorter sentence would allow for prosecutors to pull out of the plea deal and could lead to Marc’s vulnerability to a trial and a longer punishment.

Jodie, Marc’s wife, condemned the treatment of her husband and other victims in this useless and relentless Drug War; she was supported by a group of 40 people who held signs and shouted chants both to American and Canadian media.  She was glad to see this finally over with since the deal has been dragged on since 2005, but said there will be a long road to face within the next fiver years.

This is a disgrace not only to Canadian sovereignty, but America and people everywhere who believe that the war on drugs needs to come to an end.  By putting a peaceful political activist in prison for a non-violent crime is a tragedy against peaceful people.

You can view Jodie’s thoughts in this video here:

Canadian Marc Emery Sentenced To Five Years in US Prison

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