Underground Marijuana railroad

The entire state of California is having money problems so it is no surprise that San Diego is having the same troubles.  San Diego’s metro department is anticipating an $89 million budget deficit.  Although along the San Diego-Tijuana border, drug dealers appear to have had no trouble financing their own operational rail system, which carted marijuana along an 1,800-foot tunnel.

The passageway was equipped with lighting, ventilation, a rail system, is one of the few unearthed in recent years that appears to have been fully operational.  It is not quite clear how the train was powered.  The 24 tons of marijuana however, was seized between Tuesday and Wednesday, which connected the tunnel between the two countries.

If voters would have really got out there and checked of Yes on Tuesday’s ballot, then Californians wouldn’t have to worry about the budge deficit or Mexican cartel drug dealers from the underground.  Lets all shoot for a YES in 2012.

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