Marin supervisors will vote Yes on Prop 19

Three Marin County supervisors will vote Yes on proposition 19 on November 2nd in California.  The rest of the county board ducked an official position on the proposal and says it will remain neutral.  Supervisors Steve Kinsey, Hal Brown, and Judy Arnold said they will support the marijuana plant allowing adults to possess an ounce of marijuana while imposing penalties on those who provide it to anyone under 21.

Kinsey simple put it, “Prohibition does no work.”  He went on to ask the questions, “Why are a third of Americans put in the position of being illegal?  Why is marijuana our largest cash crop?”

On the other hand supervisor Susan Adams worried about the lack of a state plan coordinating enactment of the measure.  She’s not oppose to the issue, but just worries about the funding that could be hurt federally by the legalization and that the workload could hurt some counties during this economic stress.

I’m glad she is not oppose to it, but I don’t think it will hurt the economy instead it will give local jobs to people who need to make money, etc…and only help the recovery process.

It also makes me happy to see people of importance come out to say they are willing to give this a try.  Decades of the war on drugs have gone wrong and wasted lots of money and it’s time to change that; so thank you.

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