Buffalo Massive Marijuana Bust

The Cheektowaga Police Department seized more than 200 pounds of marijuana today.  They also found stolen weapons and $330,000 in cash along with the marijuana.  Jim Speyer, Captain, said this bust made his departments history.

“This is the biggest cash seizure that this departments ever made and the biggest marijuana seizure that this department’s ever been responsible for.  The detectives did an incredible amount of work.  Their diligence and paying attention to details and following up on tips, surveillance and undercover work paid off,” Speyer said.  What a waste of taxpayer money because while they were wasting all their time looking for a drug that is non harmful, real criminals on the street will get away.

Antoine Parker was brought into custody facing numerous drug and weapons charges.  The authorities found the marijuana after searching his home, car, and two storage facilities.  The street value of the marijuana was said to be $430,000.  Many departments including the DEA were involved in bringing Parker to justice.  The police said there would be more arrests made in the investigation that is still ongoing.  If convicted Parker could face up to life in prison or a $1 million fine.

How could someone face up to life in prison for a plant that is so harmless?  It doesn’t even comprehend in my brain how people can continue to let this happen to our society.

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