South Dakota Highway Patrol in a Political Ploy

The South Dakota Coalition for Compassion is crying foul about a news release from the South Dakota Department of Public Safety regarding medical marijuana seized in traffic stops.  The coalition says the department was releasing information about a 100-pound marijuana bust in Pennington County in August only to smear their campaign for the passage of Initiated Measure 13 on Election Day.  Measure 13 would legalize medical marijuana in the state.

Tony Ryan, a retired police officer who works for the coalition, said, “The announcement by the (Highway Patrol) was self-evidently a political maneuver by bureaucrats who have a state in stopping Measure 13.”

The release also said seven people carrying prescription cards from one of the 14 states where the drug is legal for medical use were arrested for felony marijuana possession in South Dakota.  Law enforcement seized 32.5 pounds of marijuana and 20 grams of hashish during those arrests.  This news was released three weeks before the election is supposedly pure coincidence.

You can see that they wanted the measure to fail in South Dakota.  The thing that police don’t understand is that they are wasting their own taxpayer money against marijuana, which is non-harmful to anyone but the user.  They could be working on cases such as missing people or criminal cases.  Smearing campaigns is something of a political agenda these days and unfortunately you can tell the highway patrol was used in a ploy to smear Measure 13’s passage.

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