11 Reasons to Legalize Cannabis in Canada

Marijuana is going to be legalized soon in California and this is presently a hot topic of discussion in Canada. Canada has the role of showing way for others by reversing archaic thinking and prohibition.

There are many reasons why Cannabis prohibition must end in Canada, 11 out of which are listed below –

  1. Every year, gangs in B.C including U.N and H.A collect at least $10 billion which can be completely eliminated by legalizing marijuana.
  2. Drug distribution system in Canada is pushed to a large extent by exchange of marijuana for cocaine and other hard drugs from the South boarder.
  3. Guns made in America are also exchanged for US marijuana shipments
  4. Legalizing marijuana will ensure enhanced tax revenue for Canada
  5. There will be a drastic lowering of marijuana price. Prices will go down to ten percent of the current price.
  6. Eradicating “pusher” exposure by shutting down financial benefits on the streets will bring an end to hard drug exposure. In other words, marijuana will be legal and will no more be an effective gateway drug.
  7. Billions of dollars can be saved by Canada presently spent on catching and convicting drug peddlers and users. This in turn will make life simpler on the tax payers and prevent pushers and others who benefit from existing laws and who incidentally are the ones vociferously opposing legalization.
  8. Unsafe, spiked marijuana will no more be available.
  9. Destructive grow ops, surprisingly high in Surrey B.C with a 1:4 ratio can be completely eradicated by allowing legal growing of 5 plants for personal use.
  10. Cannabis has great medicinal value and this has been conclusively proved. It is very effective as a pain killer and could be distributed to suffering people through certified dispensaries.
  11. Consumption safety of marijuana can be ensured by spreading awareness through test labs. Labs could function in multiple ways including cannabinoid analysis apart from pesticide screening and e-coli, bacterial and fungal testing. Safety and protocol standardization can be ensured through “certification”.

These eleven powerful reasons can help contain the spread of hard drugs in Canada by effectively curtailing the billions made from marijuana.

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