Another Texas Marijuana Seizure

A tanker trailer traveling in Texas’ Rio Grande Valley was found with 3 tons of marijuana by authorities from the Immigration and Customs Enforcement.  Ross Feinstein said, “special agents seized the marijuana Friday near Falfurrias, Texas.”

The packages were wrapped in clear cellophane and duct tape in about 500 bricks.  The street value of the marijuana was estimated at $5.3 million.  The 3 tons of marijuana equals out to be about 6,700 pounds.

People wonder why other people sell marijuana and distribute it.  Maybe because the black market makes the drug worth so much on the street that many people can’t pass up the money.  It’s hard to pass up any type of money in this economy and police find it shocking that 3 tons are seized.  I’m more surprised it wasn’t 16 tons than 3 tons.  The real question is when will we stop prohibition and take away the black market so people can be safe?

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