North Texas’s 15ft Marijuana Plants

Out in Grayson County, which is in north Texas, investigators have uprooted a massive marijuana plant that could have yielded about 1,140 pounds of quality marijuana.  The street value of the plant would estimate to be $800,000.

The marijuana plants found by authorities ranged in height from 6 feet to 15 feet and had numerous amounts of ‘buds’ growing on it.  The bud is the part of the plant growers’ want because on the street it could yield between 1 to 2 pounds on marijuana plant like this.

The Grayson County Sheriff’s Office said the marijuana grow operation near Whitesboro is about 60 miles north of Dallas.  It is said to be a part of a Mexican cartel grow operation that also has numerous marijuana grows near the Texoma area.  It is well known that the Mexican cartels don’t play around when it comes to protecting their grow operations.

The sheriff’s office has warned hunters and hikers in the area to be careful in rural areas they may attend.  The drug cartel have been known for setting up booby traps around the marijuana plants and or protecting the grow operations themselves with guns.

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