Marijuana last option for some

There is a new Rocky Mountain poll out that finds 53 percent of Arizona voters would vote Yes on Prop 203, which would legalize marijuana for medicinal purposes only.  32 percent oppose the bill and 14 percent are undecided.  Supporters of the bill say it is more than just smoking, but its about compassion for the sick people that need it.  Prop 203 is a controversial bill on the ballot and is making news.

Heather Torgerson and Susan Swihart are cancer survivors.  One took Marinol during chemo and the other smoked marijuana.  Heather’s battle with cancer started when she was 24.  Four different doctors stood at the edge of her bed in the hospital and told her she only had six months to live.  She said, “I’m kind of glad that they said it that way because it got me fired up, it got me angry, and it really got a fire burning in me I just was ready to fight.”  She knew it was going to be a battle, but had no idea how tough it was about to get.    “I can’t even explain how sick I was I couldn’t even get out of bed, you’re just so weak and all you want to do is vomit, I would just stand over the toilet dry heaving,” she said.  Her white blood cell count dropped drastically and she lost weight because of it.  A doctor Marinol, which has the active ingredient of marijuana in it THC, prescribed her.  She then tried smoking the drug called marijuana, which allowed her to start gaining weight again and feel better about not wanting to throw up.  Heather is now able to plan a wedding that she thought she would never have thanks to marijuana.

Swihart said that she got Marinol and it helped her to feel better as well after being diagnosed with stage 3-breast cancer.  She doesn’t understand why people want to smoke it when they can gert it in pill form approved by the FDA.  Heather says Marinol doesn’t always work for everyone so smoking may work better.  Besides if the pill form is FDA approved shouldn’t the real drug be approved?  Or do more patients have to die without knowing that there is a all natural plant that can help.

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