New West Marin business strives for legitimacy

With the state of California’s unemployment rate topping 12 percent and government leaders desperate for jobs and tax revenue, four West Marin entrepreneurs think they have the answer.  Their new business, Medi-Cone, employs about a dozen people in the cultivation, harvesting, and packaging of medical marijuana for several Bay Area dispensaries.

Matthew Witemyre said, “This is a home business, but we’re growing fast.”  The home remains a secret because the owner said, even though he is abiding by the state’s medical marijuana law, it still remains illegal federally.  The business was funded with money from another business venture in the mainstream market.

Witemyre said, “We all went through the program at Oaksterdam University.  I was a teacher there for about a year.”  Every one of there employees at Medi-Cone are patients themselves.  What better way to help someone then have someone who knows about the plans, the benefits, and the procedures themselves.  Their employees are paid and average of $25 per hour.

With Prop 19 around the corner people are setting up now to become legit.  They want to help patients and when the legalization occurs they will be ready to supply even more patients.  I condone them for helping people who need marijuana.  Prop 19 is one step closer to a legalization that has been long overdue.

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