Montana man pleads in Marijuana Assault

Out in Hamilton, Montana, a 31yr old man, has pleaded guilty to his role in a vigilante-style beating of a man suspected of stealing marijuana and other items from a medical marijuana facility.

Kory Gassman pleaded guilty to felony counts of accountability for assault with a weapon and conspiracy to commit assault with a weapon.  The terms of the plea agreement said that Gassman will receive a 4yr-deferred sentence, but will have to give up any claim to nearly $20,000 in cash found in a codefendant’s truck.

The case against the dispensary’s owner, Tracy Moser, still continues with one man pleading guilty and another accepting a plea agreement.  When I see cases like this its crazy because if you had the law on the side of the dispensary they would take it more seriously, but they probably would prosecute the dispensary owner to for having marijuana.  Our laws need to help our citizens, not hurt them.

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