Mexican blogs on Drug War

The authorities in Mexico celebrate this week their anti-narcotics campaign with the capture of the kingpin Edgar ‘La Barbie’ Villarreal whereas many Mexicans are glued to Narcotube to find out inside information.

The drug violence in Mexico for the past four years has taken a toll of 28,000 lives. Nowadays people use twitter extensively to communicate with their loved and dear ones regarding the neighborhoods that they should avoid.

The dealers and agencies have started using the web as a publicity media similar to pop culture and celebrity gossip.

The most popular one is the Blog De Narco which is used for propaganda. The narco blog was created by a Mexican university student aged around 20 in the early part of current year. The blog contained graphic contents from both sides of the brutal campaign.

They continue this in spite of the fact many mainstream journalists have been assassinated and there were attacks on the newsrooms.

Of late the Narco blog coverage centers around the capture of the suspected Texas born drug lord ‘La Barbie’.

One of the messages in the blog says that the drug enforcers have burnt the families and raped the women.

There are links given in this site which connects to facebook pages of suspected drug barons and their kith and kin.

Attempts were made by the QMI Agency to contact the student running the Blog de Narco; but he did not respond. However, he had indicated on his blog that it was born out of frustration. According to him the need arose because both the media and the Government are blind to what is happening. He says that media is threatened whereas the Government appears to have been bought.

This blog has 3 million hits per week.

He is being criticized for providing a platform for assassins; however he blogs saying that he is interested in showing an unbiased face of the happenings in Mexico.

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