Medical Marijuana grower gets plea deal

A local medical marijuana grower in Colorado announced his operation on a local broadcast news channel back in February.  Federal investigators who arrested the man are now offering him a plea deal, which would leave the man five years in a federal prison, according to the U.S. Attorney’ Office in Colorado.

Chris Bartkowicz, 36, may take a guilty plea in exchange for a stipulated sentence of 60 months.  He is currently facing 60 years in prison, essentially a life sentence.  This is so up surd because it marijuana is legal for medicinal purposes in Colorado.  This needs to become legalized across the country so we can stop sending innocent men to jail and wasting taxpayer’s money.  Bartkowicz had his basement raided after he agreed to an interview with KUSA-TV, which was viewd by DEA agents.  The raid came after a Department of Justice memo instructed the DEA to respect individual state law and not conduct raids on medical marijuana facilities.  I guess they really listened didn’t they?  Bartkowicz had 200 plants, which were more than the amount of patients he was helping.  Does that really matter?  The DEA was just looking for an excuse to bust him.

I can say I’m outraged like many other medical marijuana advocates about this case.  This can happen to any medical marijuana provider and it needs to stop.  I hope he takes the plea just so he doesn’t do life.  Hopefully before he sentence is done it will be legal across the country starting with Prop 19.

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