Marijuana Scandal at Edmond schools

EDMOND — Edmond police accompanied by a drug dog have searched the Memorial and North high schools at Edmond this week and they found Marijuana in the school premises.

They had arrested in Memorial high school two students whereas one student was arrested in Edmond North High School. Memorial high school suspended four students from attending classes whereas North high schools suspended several students. This was stated by Edmond Public Schools associate superintendent, Brenda Lyons.

Edmond police released a report on Friday wherein they had stated that they had arrested a 17-year-old Memorial High School student on Monday based on a complaint for possessing marijuana.

Two students and the 17 year old boy have confessed to the police and officials of the school that they had smoked marijuana before coming to school. Details of these students have not been released because of their age. According to eyewitnesses the students’ speech was slurred and their eyes were looking red.

Police recovered 3 grams of marijuana from one student’s backpack and a pipe used to smoke marijuana. According to the report that one student has admitted that he stole money from his parents to purchase the drug.

On Monday, the police arrested a second student from Memorial High School after the first student was taken out of the class room. The teacher looked worried when the 17 year old student was being questioned by his colleagues regarding possession of marijuana.

On Tuesday, a 17 year old student was arrested at North High School because they found that the boy was carrying in his backpack a bag containing 3.5 grams of marijuana.

The police drug dog, Justice, was responsible for finding the drugs in the Sports utility vehicle parked in the parking lot allotted to seniors.

They also found rolling papers, a roach clip, a foil pipe with burned residue and a pop can with burned residue inside the vehicle.

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