US Statistics on Adult Marijuana Users

Below is a table that shows how many adults in the United States have ever smoked weed?  The survey breaks down the data by age categories and gives the percentage of the sample that answered yes or no the question.  Then they also calculate in how many people would say yes or no.

AGE GROUP Weighted N Percent of Population
18-25 years old 16,790,928 51.3%
26-34 years old 17,579,601 49.8%
35-49 years old 34,676,635 53.1%
50 or Older 26,869,808 30.1%
TOTAL 95,916,972 40.4%

If you can’t understand the chart or get confused you can look at it like this, if you see someone under age of fifty, flip a coin.  Tails they’ve smoked marijuana, Heads they haven’t.

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