Is Arizona next for Legalization of Medical Marijuana?

AZ Prop 203 is an important upcoming bill for the November 2nd ballot.  It will give the state of Arizona legalization of medical marijuana.  The bill calls for possession, growth, purchase, and use of marijuana to be approved by cardholders with a debilitating medical condition.

I think personally this is the first steps to legalization for AZ, since California is right there with Prop. 19 getting ready to fully legalize.  The bill proposed, Prop. 203, is designed to help patients get the medicine they need without having to worry if they will go to jail or not.

Prop. 203 proposes to allow terminally or seriously ill patients to use marijuana.  Obviously qualifying patients will need a card from a doctor and from the Arizona Department of Health, just like neighboring states.

This is another great step to the full legalization of marijuana.  Lets stop putting innocent people in jail and start helping our fellow citizens.

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