Is Oakland Sprouting out?

Have you heard about Hemp Evolution?  Well it’s an event that would be hard to find any city leaders at unless you attended this Sunday.  In Oakland, the city leaders came out to support publically the industrialization of medical marijuana.

iGrow, otherwise known as the Wal-Mart of the marijuana world, has a 15,000 square foot warehouse store that has everything needed to grow, smoke, or just have knowledge about the drug marijuana.  It recently changed its name to “weGrow” in response to the push for Prop. 19 coming in November with further plans to expand their retail store chain.  Right now weGrow has a flagship store in a warehouse near the Oakland Airport.

Prop. 19 opponent Frank Lee says his “mainstream-ization” of pot has dangerous consequences.  “If passed, it would cause chaotic and disastrous results in California,” he said.  Oakland doesn’t seem it that way though as pot is hardly the taboo topic.  Those running for mayor were actually on hand to celebrate weGrows’s big grand reopening.

Former Senate President Dan Peralta said, “We have four medical centers in Oakland, So, we are a natural for having an industry spout up.”

How can you expect anything less, but an industry to grow once you give it the potential it deserves.

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