TE for Buccaneers busted for Marijuana

Jerramy Stevens, TE for the Buccaneers, was arrested on marijuana charges.  He was pulled over in Tampa for loud music, and when the officer approached the vehicle had smelled marijuana.  After further search of the car the police found 38 grams of marijuana.  Stevens was charged with marijuana possession, intent to sell, and possession of paraphernalia.

The Buccaneers has released the starting tight end due to the arrest, especially since he has had run-ins with the law before.  Back in 2007 he was convicted of drunken driving.  In Stevens’ absence, Ryan Purvis was promoted from the practice squad.

NFL usually extends the finger of scolding when a player gets in trouble, but this time the team took actions against Jerramy Stevens for his off the field actions.  This is another example of a player getting in trouble for a non-harmful drug.  I agree he shouldn’t be driving and should be convicted of DUI, but intent to sell, etc…should not be a criminal offense.  We should stop paying millions to sports figures, etc… and start putting that kind of money into our education systems, especially knowledge of natural drugs such as marijuana.

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