Female Marijuana Seeds

Female Marijuana Seeds

Female Marijuana Seeds

Marijuana cultivation has emerged as a lucrative business. There is a great demand for marijuana world wide and female marijuana seeds are quite in vogue. According to some repots Canada has the highest number of marijuana users in the world relative to the overall population while the consumption of the weed is quite widespread in United States too. Due to its medical properties marijuana has been legalized in a number of countries for medical purposes. So the demand for marijuana is increasing every day and the price of marijuana has also increased over this period. So, cultivation of marijuana has turned out to be a profit making business.

To cultivate marijuana one first needs to know about the different kinds of marijuana seeds available in the market. There are mainly three kinds of marijuana seeds –Sativa, Indica and Ruderalis. Marijuana seeds are also divided into male and female marijuana seeds. All the above mentioned varieties are available in male and female versions. An ordinary stack of marijuana seeds will grow into plants that contain both male and female seeds. Female marijuana seeds are created by cloning them. They can also be created by “shocking” them by using a silver spray. Great effort is made in creating female marijuana seeds because they are considered to be better than their male counterparts. The THC content in female marijuana seeds is higher than the male seeds and hence give a better high. So, the female marijuana seeds are in great demand.
The easiest way to grow marijuana is to select the best marijuana seeds and provide an ideal environment for its growth. The marijuana seeds first need to be germinated. To start with, soak the seeds in a cup of warm water. The seeds will need a warm and moist environment to grow. They will take 12 hours to 8 days to germinate. After germination the seeds need to be planted .The fastest way to grow marijuana is to plant them in a kind of soil that is well drained. Loamy soil is considered to be the best.
After planting the sprouts use fertilizers. Fertilizers will provide the much needed nutrients to the plants. It is better to use an organic fertilizer.
Also use pesticides to protect your plants form pests. Please keep in mind that the fastest way to grow marijuana is to water the plants regularly and grow the plants in a well ventilated environment. If you are growing marijuana outdoors then ventilation is not a problem. But if you are growing them indoors the make sure that the room is well ventilated. You also need to make arrangements for artificial lights. Use fluorescent lights as they are considered to be the best when it comes to cultivating marijuana. One also needs to use female marijuana seeds as they can guarantee a better quality output.
The psychoactive compounds which essentially hold the essence of marijuana are found in the female marijuana seeds and thus these seeds are very high in demand. Purchasing these seeds too requires a great degree of caution as you would not want to land yourself with substandard stock. In some countries licensed vendors for selling marijuana seeds are found and if the same is allowed in your state, always choose a legal store. Last but not the least check with your lawyer about the legality of growing marijuana in your state.

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  1. I have 4 females n I want to know if they can all grow in that same pot so fat so good but I don’t want to ruin da plant any help will be fine

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