Pot Butter why not!

Pot butter is the best way to cook.  It allows you the freedom to eat your marijuana without having to worry about biting into the stems or any seeds.  The other great thing about pot butter is it allows you to use it in any recipe that uses butter.  So be creative when cooking meals or deserts for your self to enjoy.

For best results and effects don’t smoke before you eat your marijuana.  Hold out on bringing out billy bong thorton before your high kicks in.  If you wait patiently for the high you’ll experience this really ‘cool high’; especially since you haven’t smoked all day.

Also when you learn how to cook the marijuana it is recommended that you use a low to mid quality.  This is because it is too expensive to eat good quality marijuana.  The ‘high’ consumed in the food is not worth the extra cost from your pockets.  So save that good quality chronic for the water bong.

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