There is some important research to do if you have an upcoming drug test in order to pass it

If you are required to take a drug test for your job or you have gotten in trouble with the law there is no need to worry. There are many tricks for passing a drug test and were going to tell you about a few of them. So sit back, relax and smoke that joint of yours!

Circumventing Testing
There are many ways to get around mandatory drug testing. Some of the most common ways are clearing the drugs out of your system using lots of water and a system cleaner which is often available at retail stores or online. Other methods including freezing pee for a drug test beforehand that you know is clean and then using that urine when you have been using drugs. This method is a pretty good method for passing a drug test but you need to be careful to make sure that the pee is warm enough when you give it to the person that collects the urine.

Researching The Options
There are so many options out there for passing a drug test when you are using drugs you just have to find the one that’s right for you. In order to find the best method for you you’re going to have to do some significant research. It’s also important to find out what method of drug testing they are doing as this will be important in finding out the best way to defeat the drug test. Currently the most common methods are urine sample drug test, hair sample drug test, and saliva swab drug test and blood sample. Most likely you will run across the urine sample drug test but be sure to do some checking as you don’t want to be wrong on this!

Possible Hairy Problems
If you’re going to be doing the hair follicle drug test this is very difficult to pass as you will need to replace the hair sample. This is often done before getting a new job. This method is the most difficult one to get around that you will run across as drugs stay in your hair follicles for months on end! You should also make a list of drugs you have done in the last few months so you know what drugs will need to be cleaned out of your system.

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