CLEAN SYSTEM OF MARIJUANAMarijuana, even though is not the most harmful drug, has a long period of staying in organism, because it deposits in the fat cells where it can stays for weeks even months 30-90 days.
The best method, which really helps you have a clear body, is exercising. Running and cardio exercises helps your metabolism burn the fat cells while doing effort, loosing toxins by sweating. Along with good hydratation will speed up the elimination process. By drinking  lots of liquid you will have a clear body. Best is water but very well known as good diuretics is the cranberry juice, which is a natural diuretic used by a lot by people in their passing drug tests. Another good diuretic for your kidneys is beer and vinegar associated with water as much as you can.
Sauna is another good method in the cure of detoxifying body of marijuana for the drug testing. Works like running and sport , but it  is better because it is made without effort and it also helps you in a good breathing, cleaning  your lungs, makes you sweat and this helps the process of eliminate toxins.
Try to eat high fiber food and read meat full of carbohydrates that helps you out in speeding metabolism process of digestion. It depends a lot of you , to clean your system, with your alimentation, at least try to have a healthy life, making sport and exercising it will really help you out in your detox process.
Make a habit to take Vitamin C 2000mg every day during your marijuana detox. It will help you for trapping and eliminating toxins which are stored in every cell of your body. It will help you to build the immune system. You should get plenty of cardiovascular exercise which will help your body to burn the stout. As your perform exercises during detox, you may even notice a marijuana-like body outdoor as you body leaches out the toxins.
So if you are looking for a natural and sure detox cure, you can try all these advices, they will work. Good Luck!

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