Curious about DOT positive tests? Know your enemy!

What is a DOT drugs test? Some people may not know, therefore I shall elaborate. DOT actually stands for Department Of Transportation. The particular type of people who may be taking these drugs test include anybody who drives for a living. These however, are not the singular people who are tested for this particular type, due to the fact a plethora of workers who are remotely associated with vehicles of the sort- everybody within the same company as the main instigator.

This may sound confusing- because it is. There are over one-hundred pages that companies have to read through regarding the rules that they must follow whilst carrying out DOT drugs tests. Most of those regulations however outline details regarding the paperwork which must be done both prior and post test. The drug tests are carried out like any other, with extreme precision, which therefore means if you are ever selected to complete one of these, you must be careful. Just because they don’t suspect you doesn’t mean that they won’t find out.
A well known technique to avoid getting caught, if you are a pot smoker, is simply diluting your urine to the required sample. Although if you are taking harder drugs with more effects- then you must find a better way to conceal your hidden secret.
You will be given a five panel test, which keeps an eye out for a plethora of different toxins. You will therefore need to watch out, and understand their detection periods and time your smoking addiction carefully around this. All other drugs, or most of them, will be measured in days, not weeks. Marijuana can be detected for longer periods than other drugs due to the way they are stored in your fat cells.
Do you want to pass a DOT drugs test? If do, it is highly difficult as in the one-hundred page regulations it shows that you must be watched by a laboratory technician whilst you are giving your specimen of urine. Synthetic urine is also not accepted, as many laboratories understand the way that this works now. Substitution therefore is at the utmost difficulty, which therefore would leave dilution to be the only option.
The only real pass is substitution if you are not being supervised. If not: unlucky.

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