Robbery suspect dies in Lindsay

A 17-year-old child from Lindsay died from the injuries they acquired in the marijuana related shooting from back on September 14th of this month.   The robbery which three other people and he committed happened at a legal grow home on Road 144 and Ave 216.

Two of the suspects have been arrested in the incident.  One was identified as Gustavo Gonzalez and the other Jorge Mendoza.  Gustavo and Mendoza were both charged with kidnapping, 2nd degree robbery and assault with a deadly weapon.

Even a neighbor attempted to help the victim’s out in this ugly occurrence; coming out of his home with a handgun.  When he got close to what was going on the 17 year old grabbed his arm; forcing the neighbor to protect himself and shoot the kid.

If the law could just become legal we as a society can take that criminal element out and people wouldn’t have to be worrying about stealing and robbing.  I hope the police catch the other true criminals here in this situation.

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