9 Steps to rolling a Marijuana Blunt

1.     Materials – such as a the cigar, weed, knife, lighter

2.     Bust it – lick the leaf, unwrap it, use your knife to cut down the middle, then bust the guts out of the cigar till its empty

3.     Tear it – tear or cut of the rounded end of the cigar

4.     Lick it – lick the edges of the blunt so that when you fill it with your marijuana you can seal it

5.     Add it – after breaking your marijuana down spread it out evenly through the length of your blunt

6.     Fold it – tuck the shorter side of the wrap around your weed, rolling it and folding it

7.     Seal it – lick the last half inch of your blunt paper lengthwise, then press the rest down carefully, not making the hold too small on both ends

8.     Bake it – use your lighter running it up and down your blunt while spinning the blunt, this will make your blunt firm and hold the marijuana tight

9.     Spark it – last thing to do is spark it up and smoke it

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