Tips on making hemp jewelry

One of the most inexpensive but attractive gifts today that is popular with both women and men is hemp jewelry. Hemp twine is an excellent base for jewelry making as it is very strong and durable. It is possible to make your own hemp jewelry equipped with a few tools and patterns.

The first step is to learn how to make a few basic knots. After you master these knots, it is now very easy to mix and match beads to make stunning hemp jewelry in no time.  Some of the materials you need to make hemp jewelry include beads and twine. It is fun making hemp jewelry in a group with friends and family. You can even make attractive hemp jewelry to be sold at the craft shows.

Being versatile, hemp allows you to create your own designs and gives you the freedom to experiment with various weaves and knots. In keeping with your exclusive style, you can create your own stunning range of unique hemp jewelry. After choosing from a range of hemp fibers in different textures and colors, you can have fun making various designs.

You can find hemp jewelry making kits in the market that has everything in it including instructions. After becoming an expert with basic designs, you can move on to the more complicated ones.

The weight of the hemp to make hemp jewelry must be chosen with care. It is highly recommended to start with the 1mm twine as this is versatile and can be used to make any type of jewelry.

Other materials you must keep handy include beeswax to treat the hemp twine with to give it a smooth surface, shells, buttons and beads. If your design includes a clasp, keep it handy. After you complete making the necklace or any hemp jewelry piece, tie off the ends or close with a clasp.

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