Hemp seed Pill study

A recent study has found that the hemp seed pill (HSP) relieves a form of constipation known in traditional Chinese medicine as “excessive syndrome”.  This is when the bowels dry out and cause problems such as dry mouth, abdominal swelling and pain along with trouble sleeping.

The study was split into two groups of the 120 people that they had.  One group receiving 7.5 grams of HSP in 150ml of hot water, while the other group got a placebo.  They did this twice a day for eight weeks.  Forty-three percent of those taking HSP reported improvement compared to the mere eight percent on the placebo.  Although stomach pain, cramping and bloating were said to have happen more in the treatment group, those side effects were less server before they were treated.  Plus the side effects were similar to those who took the placebo.  No damage to the kidneys or liver was observed in those who took HSP.

As medicine advance doctors and patients will realize if they haven’t already that hemp and marijuana is the safest drug on the planet.

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