Synthetic Marijuana with No Positive Drug Test

Pass A THC TestWhat if you were a drug user and told that now you could avoid testing positive on a drug testing for marijuana and still enjoy the indulgence of this drug, would you believe it to be possible? Considered to be a breakthrough in the field of medicine, synthetic marijuana or also known as K2, was first recognized in the year 2008.  It has the active ingredient JHW-018 which gives the same high as of normal marijuana. The only positive difference is that it does not produce a positive result in your drug test. After the debut of this drug, 14 cases where immediately reported in 49 states in the United States in the year 2009. That number went off the roof in year 2010 when reports estimated 2,890 cases of the use of K2. The United States Naval Academy also reported of expelling eight of their crew members for using K2.

150 Navy men have also been arrested for questioning due to possible use of this synthetic marijuana. According to experts, K2 is easily accessible and somewhat inexpensive and so the popularity of the use of this drug rapidly increased. Some reports say that you can buy a 3 gram pack for only less than $60. The pack also has warning signs, for legal purposes, which states it is not for human consumption. The drug is also commonly taken by athletes who may be predisposed or risk for cardiovascular disorders due to some effects of the drug.  Some athletes have admitted of using this synthetic drug and have confirmed that it gives the same effect as in normal marijuana. Some even claim that K2 may have greater kick than what normal weed usually give them. Even though there are laws that pass regarding K2 being an illegal drug of use, people, out of despair and addiction, will always find a way to get some of this drug. Since there is no official drug test for the detection of K2, the government cannot order any punishment since no one can be convicted of abusing this type of drug. However, most of the large and influential companies and organizations like the NCAA have already banned the use of K2 which took effect last year. Fortunately, since the debut of K2, there are no reports of casualties, however, reports from warning networks suggest there have been at least 400 cases of hospital admission due to abuse of K2.

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