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The mission behind My Wed collier argent perle femme Style and their unique collection of wedding products Almost 15 years collier argent rhodié histoire d’or ago right here in the City of Angels, the collier argent rhodie tresor two of us, Corey Parker and Courtney Geigle, met for the very first time. coque samsung coque samsung We were just a couple of regular ole dudes who happen to both be chasing that bracelet argent coeur Hollywood dream of bright lights in the big city. We were actors, hustlin to try and kick start our careers on the big screen and small. So like almost every actor in LA, we were working as restaurant servers, trying to make ends meet getting enough cash to live off of while collier argent aigue marine keeping our schedules free to audition for as many projects as we could. We had come from very different worlds, Corey from Atlanta, Georgia and Courtney from Bakersfield, CA, but had moved out to LA with one common goal and vision, to have successful acting careers. coque samsung Over the years, we got a number of acting jobs, some better than others, but continued working various jobs to pay the bills while we chased our elusive collier argent fe break. collier argent It seemed like we bracelet argent arbre de vie tried almost everything, literally. By our count, we think there were 18 different ones combined: 6 different restaurants as servers, 1 restaurant as general manager, 3 tutoring agencies, an hourly job to collier argent large play with an 11 year old girl (This was Courtney and yes, it was strange. bijoux pas cher coque iphone 7 pas cher But her parents said collier argent ras de cou homme she lacked histoire d’or collier argent rhodie confidence with her classmates on the playground, so who was he to argue with that. coque huawei $20 an hour and some wall ball, let go!), 2 sales jobs, 1 dog sitter, 1 Bar Mitzvah entertainment company, 1 corporate team building company, and 2 different wedding DJ companies. It became an awesome job as we continued building fairy tail collier argent our acting careers. iphone 11 case review This gave us the opportunity bracelet argent massif homme to witness first hand the beauty of uniting two souls, and an intimate look of collier argent femme etoile the intricate pieces required to make a wedding one of the most magical days in any couple lives. Combined, we have probably spun tunes at more than 150 beautiful weddings. Fast forward to 2011 and both of us are now happily married, plus Corey had the first of two adorable children to chase after. coque iphone collier argent 835 Thus, life had officially set in. Finances from acting and being wedding DJ wasn really cutting it, at least not in the way that could provide us the opportunity to grow and flourish the life we wanted for ourselves and our families. collier argent et ambre femme So like many first time entrepreneurs, we put our heads together and said, we need to start a successful business, one collier argent chez diamantor that bracelet ancre marine et montre excites us collier argent poiray and gives us the freedom to enjoy what we do and provide for our families. What do you want to do Let start a wedding business. Sound good Done. coque huawei disney iphone 11 case My Wed Deal focused on local service package deals for weddings in Southern California. coque huawei We loved being able to collier argent plat souple offer exciting wedding deals to our community of engaged couples. The business was growing and doing some good things, but we sensed that something was missing. coque iphone We wanted to be able to reach brides across the country and not just here in our allergie collier argent local market. Plus, we had noticed that there weren really any websites out there that were creating a fun, unique, and inspiring shopping experience for awesome brides. coque iphone 5 pas cher Sure, there were other wedding sites that sold stuff. coque iphone 6 But that what it seemed like to us, they just sold wedding It was just the same, less than exciting wedding products that we saw on every wedding store we came across. So once again we put collier argent riviere our heads together and came up with a new concept for our business, My Wed Style. coque huawei coque iphone 11 It was the perfect way to incorporate a wedding experience for engaged couples anywhere, allowing them to have fun with their wedding shopping; to find really cool and unique wedding items, you wouldn just find anywhere. Today, we search, scour, and spend countless hours looking for the best and most stylish collier argent ohm wedding products we can find anywhere and then bring them to you, our most lovely brides and grooms. We hope you enjoy, have fun, explore, and find stuff creation bracelet ancre marine and most importantly, have the most amazing wedding day possible! It your wedding, it your style.

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