Facts You May Not Know Regarding Marijuana

Facts You May Not Know Regarding Marijuana
We already know of marijuana as one of the most addictive drugs today in the world. We also know that it’s a hemp plant and not a drug. These are all the basic knowledge regarding marijuana you can read nowadays on the internet. Here are some facts on marijuana that you can only come by once or twice. First off, marijuana came from a hemp plant that contains THC or tetrahydrocannabinol which is responsible for making marijuana strongly addictive. Although marijuana isn’t as harmful as compared with other kinds of drugs such as alcohol and nicotine, it has been reported to be the most commonly used drug in the US, with more than forty percent of its citizens reported to have tried the forbidden drug. Another fact that is both astonishing and alarming is that more than 800,000 individuals are put to jail each year due to possession and use of marijuana. Another fact is that users of marijuana have never used any other kind of illegal drug after their marijuana usage. This means that marijuana isn’t responsible for a person’s use of stronger drugs such as heroin and cocaine. Next is that marijuana isn’t responsible to any mental complications or damage that is felt by the subject. Some claim to have experienced memory loss and cognitive difficulties upon taking marijuana. However, marijuana is only responsible for psychological effects such as feeling of discomfort and paranoia. To some users, this experience may cause frightening as well as stress, yet luckily, it quickly wears off. Another fact on marijuana that people may have misunderstood of is that it doesn’t contribute to risk of certain cancers. It has been proven through many studies that even if marijuana is used on a long term basis by inhalation, it still won’t cause any elevations on risk for cancers. Despite the negative effects and the bad reputation of marijuana today, it has still been proven that marijuana can assist in treatment of signs and symptoms of numerous medical complications. It has been proven to lessen nausea from chemotherapies and can stimulate the appetite of patients with AIDS. It can also lessen IOC or intraocular pressure amongst patients with glaucoma. Lastly, the reports you see of marijuana as a contributing factor to accidents on roadsides and fatalities are untrue. Studies have proven that almost all drug related roadside accidents are due to alcohol influence and not marijuana.

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  1. Science-based information about the effects of marijuana on your brain and body.

  2. Illegal drug can destroy man’s body and life . Think it twice before attaching on it.

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